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Choosing Torneria Essezeta means choosing Made-in-Italy quality

It also means choosing the professionalism, background and continuous training of a staff of skilled workers and technicians. Commissioned work is in no case delegated to third parties or outsourcers: the entire turning process, from preliminary consultation to delivery, is managed by our staff, i.e. the administration and quality departments, sales manager and production area. The people who work full-time at the Lumezzane site, in the province of Brescia, give their best every day to ensure the full and complete satisfaction of our customers. This is who we are at Torneria Essezeta, a structured company, but first and foremost a cohesive group, at the service of those who seek the best for their company and their strategic goals in every sector and area of business.


Torneria Essezeta was founded thanks to the will and initiative of the original partners, Mr Saleri and Mr Zobbio.

Essezeta, as well as the union of their initials, S. and Z., represents the entrepreneurial idea of creating value and results in the area where we have been working and operating for about 40 years. Recently, the management passed from the hands of Mr Saleri, now retired, to those of his son Fabio, a sign of continuity with the past and of the still entirely Italian identity that characterises and distinguishes our company. With customers all over Italy as well as abroad, Torneria Essezeta has established itself as a point of reference for those looking for quality, rapid intervention and customised turning operations.

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