Torneria EsseZeta s.r.l. after a couple of years of studies and analysis of its own reality, has achieved the certification of its quality system, in conformity to ISO 9002;1994, and got afterwards the current norm "UNI EN ISO 9001;2008".
In its "Quality Policy", there is a mission statement which is at the base of each relationship towards customers on one hand and qualified suppliers one the other one so as to get finally to the complete satisfaction of the customers.

All procedures working under the a.m. Quality System permeate all departments starting from the administrative areas through the commercial and production department up to procedures which have been established so as to handle easily environmental and security problems.

Suppliers, raw materials and services get their qualification only in respect to internal strict procedures and moreover in respect to the traditional handling of commercial relationships which are normally held by a continuous and day-by-day contact with the customer, with their sales staff and their technical staff always trying to get the best results in terms of construction of very high-tech tooling or trying to optimize the choice of the raw material or materials auxiliary to the production.

IAll products, materials and services supplied by Torneria EsseZeta s.r.l. are submitted to specific checks both in incoming and on process ( i.e. PFMEA, process and product control plan). Non conformities, both internal and external, are held by using different standard methods, by working in team trying to get all the staff involved in the production and establishing in this way a high level of availability on the final product, a reliable traceability and a sensible decreasing number of non conformities and on the other hand a constant increase in terms of customer satisfaction..

The dimensional control is carried out indistinctly on all cast part and finds its exaltation in each sampling, precision and accuracy in function of the critical points linked to the execution of the product and its post-production application. As for the checks, we use measuring instruments regularly calibrated according to the strictest rules of classic metrology thanks to the help of external labs specialised and credited SIT (Servizio Italiano di Taratura).

Torneria EsseZeta s.r.l. grants the recording in the computer system of all metrics detected in production , both for subsequent verification and analysis in order to get a better production and technology level of the cast part and also for the analysis of the causes of Non Conformity
trying to get their definitive elimination.
The production cycle is conveyed by the Statistical Process Control ( SPC ), based on the initial study of the operative capacity of each single machine ( Cm and Cpk ) and the process performances ( Pp and Ppk ) which are continuously kept under control. Statistical parameters necessary for the process control can be adapted to the demands of the norms which regulate the specific department, especially those concerning the automotive field.


Torneria EsseZeta s.r.l. has put in highlight the respect of the environment trying to introduce in the internal system simplified procedures so as to handle the trash, preparatory to a future adjustment to the environmental standard ISO 14000.

Scraps coming out of production go directly into authorised tips through service suppliers qualified according strict selection criteria.

In order to respect completely the environmental binding legislation, the company carries out continuous checks of gaseous emissions so that they are always kept under the limits;
we keep on working on studies and improvement plan aimed at decreasing the environmental impact, one of the latest has been carried out using technologies at the cutting edge and is concerning the settling of a recirculation closed circuit system of cooling waters.

In order to reduce drastically the connected working activities, all the staff of the various department at Torneria Essezeta is educated on all issues concerning prevention and security at the working place thanks to the continuous training and information carried out inside the company and also by training centres authorised by government.

Torneria Essezeta s.r.l.has joined the project "ECO& SAFE" for companies belonging to the industrial district of Brescia valleys getting the Green Metal brand ( recognized by EMAS and sponsored by ECCELSA-LIFE and handled by INFOEMAS ).


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