Torneria EsseZeta s.r.l. has been present since 1985 in the field of sub-contracting of small precision couplings of different alloys (brass, aluminum, stainless steel) made according the customer design. If required, appropriate assistance is provided to perform technical analyses aimed at modifying the product in order to get optimizations to post-production.


Torneria EsseZeta s.r.l. has always been giving much attention to a constant technological innovation, and this, together with a regular replacement of machinery and the long experience of its staff ( improved also by their attending to training courses held inside and outside the company by specialist), has allowed the execution of parts of high quality level and precision always increasing and able to satisfy the different demands of the market , both in the field of small parts and fittings.

Flexibility in production generated by a polyhedral fleet of machinery together with a strong availability to give a "just in time " service, an updated planning situation of the orders, all this puts Torneria EsseZeta s.r.l. in condition of covering small, medium and big series, always trying to respect the customer's demand in terms of delivery time and preparation of new
"samples" studied " ad hoc".


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Torneria Essezeta s.r.l. Via Industriale, 93/97 - 25065 Lumezzane S.S. (BS) Tel.: +39 030 829822 - Fax 39 030 820121
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